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21 juin 2011



I have already been to Paris in car. I visited the Louvres Museum in the afternoon . At 4 p.m , i've been to Dysneyland. The next day , i rode a horse with my Family . I've slept in the hotel . During the holidays , i went to seee a basketball game in Bercy . Where i was met professional basketball player . it was impressive . The basketball Arena was huge . The next days , i went to see the Champs Elysée . Then , i'm come back the next day . The holidays were exciting and beautiful .

                                                            Maxence Vincent 4éme B 

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19 juin 2011


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16 juin 2011

My trip in Tunisia Dora Ben Abid 4°B

I have already been to Tunisia! I went 2 years with my family we flew to Sfax, i was so happy but my brother were scared! In Sfax we splept in a very nice and comfortable hotel. We visited gallery and we explored the Djerba. It was fascinating! We swam in the mediterraneen sea and we san dolphins! We had a great tim together.And you,have you ever been to Tunisian!My trip in boat was great!My travel in Tunisian was great also!With Hakim was great also!

                                                                      Dora El-Mouradi-Hammamet

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my trip in Australia


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my trip in tunisia






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 I went last year with my school in England. We took the boat and we slept in a family. It was exciting. I visited Chelsea stadium and cadbury factory. It was fascinating. I went to London and I saw many Big Ben and Buckingam palace. At the end of the trip, I ate in a pub in London. I took many pictures and I saw many things. At the end I took the shuttle. It was a fascinating trip. 

Emilien chiron 4B



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Leger leo 4b


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Hello Everybody,alle

I have already been to Germany ; last year with the school.

I went to Bonn, Köln where we visited the cathedral and the chocolate museum, and to Trier where we visited the Rman bath. And we did a Cruise on the Rhein : it was great ! We spent Money for a souvenirs and for ice cream because it was very hot !

The trip was in bus : it was long but we have fun. We slept in the German families : it was very nice but wasen't always good to eat.



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15 juin 2011

simon largeau 4d

My destination is st cyprien i visited the spain with my family . I slept ina house close the beach and the Spain  .In my opinion i like St Cyprien  .I swam in the sea and i of boat in the sea . I did walk . Over there  Pretty.I ate ica cream's and seafood's.images_3_

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tharon plage

I m jeremy we go to tharon plage in the car.

I go tharon plage with my family in the morning we surf ocean atlantic.

I was exciting because i see a ocean whe visited the museum.

We eaten in the "petit bedon".It is very delicious.

We swam in the sea.

I goin hotel and it's very comfortable.

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